Nighthawk I March 2012 Haul out
March 11 - 16, 2012
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On Sunday, March 11, 2012, Suzette and I started NH-1 after winter layup at Calvert Marina, and moved her to Spring Cove Marina. After a quick preflight, engines started easily, without much smoke. We cleared our lines and fenders at the Calvert Marina shed, and moved 0.3 NM over to a T head pier at Spring Cove and tied up for the evening. Monday afternoon, Walt and Chris moved the boat to the travel all well and the crew at Spring Cove lifted her out, scraped the bottom, power washed and blocked her.

The weather was unseasonably good and Walt and crew began work on Tuesday. They sanded the bottom, applied two coats of Micron Interlux CSC, cleaned and painted the running gear, replaced the zincs, and waxed the hull. Walt also repaired the chronic leak we had coming from the fly bridge and leaking water into the stbd salon valence.

NH-1 was ready to splash on Friday afternoon. Boat went in, started fine. Suzette and I took her out to the lower Patuxent River. We made some speed runs to get baseline RPM/speed and engines readings with a clean hull and running gear. We checked the anchor, radios and navigation gear. Everything worked fine.

We recovered at Jim's dock in Town Creek and saw the first osprey of the season as we motored in.

Will do some additional waxing and cleaning over the next two weeks and should be ready by April 1. Great tot get a head start on the season.


Sunday March 11, 2012: Move to Spring Cove

Monday March 12, 2012: Lift and Power wash

Wednesday March 15, 2012: In Work

Friday March 16, 2012: Work Complete - Splash and Recover