Colonel Frank Millner Scholarship Presentation
HMX-1 Ready Room
Thursday August 2, 2012
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On Thursday August 2, 2012 at 2:00 PM the 2012 Colonel Frank Millner Scholarship presentation was made to Daniel Hoisington in the HMX-1 Ready Room. Sonia Millner made the presentation to Daniel. Colonel Faircloth, CO of HMX-1, welcomed everyone  and made opening remarks. After the presentation, we spent time with Sonia, the Hoisington family and guests who attended.

Colonel John "Jed" Faircloth, Commanding Officer, HMX-1

Steve Taylor

Daniel Hoisington

Sonia Millner and Daniel

MGySgt Hoisington, Cindy, Daniel and Sonia

Sonia and Roberta

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