Paul and Kimberly's Wedding
September 1, 2012
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Paul and Kimberly were married at he Marriott Ranch near Hume, Virginia on September 1, 2012. The wedding party stayed at the Bed and Breakfast on the Ranch. We arrived Friday and had a short rehearsal, then a hayride to "Western Town." We had a supper, then returned to the B&B for the night. On Saturday, it drizzled a little bit in the morning but cleared to a wonderful afternoon. The wedding was at 4:00 PM followed by a reception and dinner in the pavilion. We had breakfast in the morning at the B&B. The entire weekend was wonderful. Was great to see friends, family and to see be with Paul and Kimberly as they started their new life together.

Paul and Joe

Mike and Diane

Peg and Griffin

Kelly, Nancy and Suzette

Paul and Kimberly

Nancy and Paul

Steve and Suzette

Steve, Suzette and Paul


Diane... A blond moment...

Mike and Nancy

Griffin and Nana

Steve and Suzette

Frank, Kimberly and Susan

The 200 year old Ash tree

Paul and Mike

Hayride to Western Town

Ally, Suzette and Paul and the Bean Bag Toss

Ringing the triangle for dinner

Raeford and Robie

Candy and Wayne

Don, Pam and Steve

Don and Pam

Don, Pam, Suzette and Steve


Paul and Kimberly

The wonderful staff at the Marriott Ranch

Candy and Wayne

Steve making the rehearsal dinner toast

The family: Joe and Diane, James, JR and Kathy, Kimberly and Paul, Dave and Lorraine, Nancy, Steve and Suzette

Suzette and Diane


Steve, Ally and Diane

Kimberly, Candy, Ally, Diane and Suzette

Calf at the ranch as we returned

Saturday morning behind the Marriott Ranch

Cattle at the Marriott Ranch

The Bed and Breakfast at the Marriott Ranch

Joe, Diane and Paul on Saturday morning walk

Paul, Diane and Steve

Joe and Diane

Ready for the wedding

Paul and Suzette

Ally and Suzette

Suzette and Paul

Diane and Joe

Steve and Nancy

Paul and Kimberly


Mike and Nancy

Steve and Suzette

Dave and Lorraine

Ally, Candy, Marty and Jackie

Sharron and Fred

Raeford and Robie

Ronald and Tracy

Wayne and Joan

Diane and Joe

Pam and Don

JR, Kathy and James

Suzette and Steve

Candy, Raeford and Robie

Ally, Raeford, Robie and Candy

Mike making his toast

Griffin making his toast

The Pavilion

Breakfast on Sunday morning at the Ranch

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