Boating with Joe and Diane
Monday September 3, 2012
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On Labor Day Monday after Paul and Kimberly's wedding on Saturday, Joe and Diane came to Lexington Park to spend the days with us. We cruised the boat to Placid Harbor. At the entrance to Cuckhold Creek, just off the Clark's Landing dock, we saw a pod of ~20 bottle nose dolphins. We have not seen dolphins in the Chesapeake in the five years we have been boating, so it was certainly a surprise to see them in Cuckhold Creek. They seemed to be healthy and moving. We watched them as they moved from Clark's Landing out toward the Patuxent River. Reading some blogs, it sounds as though there was a sighting on July 3, 2012 in the same vicinity. Very exciting to see.

Later we anchored in Placid Harbor and put NH-2 in th water. After a short rain shower we exercised NH-2 in Placid Harbor.

Dolphin Video on YouTube

Bottle Nose Dolphins in Cuckhold Creek near Clark's Landing

Jim on USCGA patrol near Clark's Landing

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