Thanksgiving in Jacksonville
Thursday November 22, 2012
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Suzette and I drove to Jacksonville on Wednesday and spent Thanksgiving with the Brown's. Had a wonderful get together on Thanksgiving Day. Paul and Kimberly drove down from DC very early on Thursday morning. Diane and Joe joined from New Bern. Suzette and I returned to Maryland on Saturday.

Ally and Diane

Joe and Paul


Suzette and Kimberly

Diane, Suzette, Marguerie, and Kimberly

The great boat picture Diane and Joe gave me for my birthday

Marguerie and Jeb

Candy, Raeford and Robbie

Candy, Sharon and Robbie

Joe, Laura and Diane

Ally and Tybie

Diane, Suzette and Candy

Rona and Tracey

Blake, Jeb, Tybie, and Shawn


Raeford and Scuba

Ally, Scuba, and Raeford

Marty, Scuba, and Raeford

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