Operations Desert Shield & Desert Storm
January - May 1991

In January 1991, HMH-464, lead by LtCol Ralph Tice, deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Shield. Eight CH-53E were disassembled at MCAS Cherry Point and transported by C-5 to Jubayl, SA. The aircraft were reassembled, operationally tested and the squadron displaced to Ras Al Ghar on the Persian Gulf. From there, the squadron displaced to the Location known as "Lonesome Dove" just south of the Saudi/Kuwait border. The squadron supported Operation Desert Storm, the liberation of Kuwait. The Condors flew 304 combat sorties, delivered 2,167,150 pounds of cargo and transported 1,686 passengers. After combat operations were concluded, the squadron displaced to Jubayl, SA to await strat lift to CONUS. The squadron returned to MCAS New River in May 1991.


Depart Cherry Point, arrive Jubayl, Saudi Arabia F Camp
Desert Shield Ras Al Ghar
Desert Storm Lonesome Dove
Desert Calm Jubayl Retrograde
Aerial Refueling Training
BGen Amos Visit
Pave Lo Pickup
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